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"Wow, your service really works. It sounded too good to be true to me to be honest, and my friends said I was crazy for doing it, but I gave it a shot anyway and joined your site. Now I have 4 shopping jobs lined up for this week alone, and the week has just started. plus I have several other offers for different shopping jobs that I haven't accepted yet. Being a stay-at-home mom, mystery shopping is PERFECT. I get paid and can take my children with me. I set my own schedule... I choose which shops I want to do and when. I also get to shop online and don't even need to leave the house! Thanks Sarah for such a great work in networking and providing me with the personal attention and leads to start my secret shopping career! It's a lot of fun and I really enjoy shopping.!" ~ Celinda Noel
"I love mystery shopping because it is a fun and flexible way to earn a good income when I need to. I love eating out, going to bars, movies and of course shopping. I get to do all these things and get paid for it! I had secret shopper offers from various mystery shopping companies. I literally got so many offers that I had to refuse some of them. It's only been a couple of weeks and I have done several secret shops each week. I went to bars with my boys and had drinks for FREE. I take women to restaurants and eat for FREE, and I've seen a couple of movies for FREE. It's great! I do these things anyway, now I get paid $40+ for an hour for them! It's Amazing!! This site is number one! I would recommend any shopper register with first." ~ Steve Howell
"Hey, there! I just wanted to take a moment to thank you. I am really impressed with all your advice, your website, and the ease with which I am completing all the steps. I have been mystery shopping for about nine months and I am having so much fun and so are my children. We get to go out to eat, stay at hotels, and shop at different places together. I have made so much money already, and had fun while doing it. There aren't very many people that can say that about their jobs." ~ Madilyn Burke
"Mystery Shopping does really exist! It is fun working as a "Mystery Shopper". I am relatively new to the mystery shopping industry and although I applied to at least 25 different companies, I have to say this is the best company by far! It is easy to access what shops were available in your area, all of the instructions on each shop were very thorough and you got paid pretty fast. Thanks for the information. I hope to do some more this week." I definitely recommend to others." ~ Jadyn Watts
"My husband and I love to eat out in nice restaurants. Now, we get our meals FREE and get paid just to evaluate the service! It fits in nicely with our schedule because we can do them on the weekends. Folks, this is working and this is real! Thanks a lot Sarah. This is fun!" ~ Billy & Alyson Daniels
"Sarah, I have to thank you and just want to let you know that ~so far~ I think your site is superior to another site which I'm regretting I joined in mid October. Your training and mystery shopping company list is more up to date & very useful to me. This is the start of something good!! Thank You for a job well done on this one." ~ Ebony Duncan
"At first I was skeptical but I decided to go ahead and sign up anyhow, I was offered 17 assignments my first week. Just like you said, whatever I was able to do was ok and the companies let me finish them on my schedule. All I can say is wow! Thanks for this great opportunity. I would highly recommend this site to everyone. Don't hesitate to join simply because of the membership fee. You'll make more money off your first mystery shopping job than it cost you for joining this site. I'm sure; you will thank Sarah later for the great service she provides when you start getting paid to shop over and over as a mystery shopper." ~ Zoie Walters

"Hi! I just signed up as a mystery shopper and am very excited. I just got half way through the training material and following only few of your instructions I've applied some of the companies and you know what, Within 24 hours I have already received 2 emails about jobs - I did not think it would happen that fast! This is so incredible! Anyhow, I am thrilled... I have been looking for a way to make some cash while I stay at home with my 14 month old daughter and this is it!" ~ Rosa Ford

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you. I just finished couple of my first assignments. I was really scared at first, but once I got into it I think I really got the hang of it. It was so easy! My first assignment was with Sbarro's, which was actually pretty fun to know that I was the only one who knew that I was a secret shopper. I'm also looking forward to my next assignments. I was really skeptical at first when I signed up for your program, but I am very glad that I did. I try to get my friends to sign up so that they can have as much fun as I do. Thank you for all of the useful information you have provided. It is well worth the membership fee." ~ Gloria Murray

"Sarah, Thank you for giving me the resources and contacts I need to finally take control of my life and do work I enjoy!" ~ Rosemary White

"Just wanted to say thank you and let you know what a good service you provide. These secret shopping jobs are awesome! I had drinks for FREE. I take women to restaurants and eat for FREE, and I've seen a couple of movies for FREE. I get paid to go to stores I normally go to anyway! And I love how I can pick and choose which jobs I want. How awesome is that! I wasn’t sure about the whole secret shopping thing at first but after signing up and receiving several job offers, I was a bit more at ease. And after receiving my first check, I was assured this was for real. It’s a great way to earn money especially since my schedule is so hectic." ~ Derick Lee

"Hi! Sarah, My experience was certainly fun. I received my first paycheck for mystery shopping this weekend and was thrilled! I did a shop for a car wash yesterday and have plans to go to the movies this weekend for the shop you sent me this morning!! Thanks so much for making this possible!" ~ Josh Carter

"I have been curious about Mystery Shopping for several years but even after searching countless hours in front of my computer looking for a job to do mystery shopping. Not to mention, the amounts of money I paid only to bilked out of. I just could not uncover the right resources until I found Sarah Bruce and" ~ Gia Ward

"I have an 9 year old son who has special needs and I cannot go out and work a full-time job anymore. I needed a job that was flexible, paid decent, and that would allow me to be home once he gets out of school. You were my "angel" that I had prayed for. Sarah, I am so grateful to you for your site. You do a wonderful job and it is so nice that you actually care about us and want to help us." ~ Lara Flores

"Dear Sarah, I didn't join your site, my wife did and I have to admit I was skeptical (I told her she was getting scammed). Today she got her fourth check and now I have to eat a little crow by writing this message and to admit that I was wrong and she was right. I don't mind though, because we're making such a nice stream of income, plus we've been going for movies a lot more and eating (for free)... and get paid for it! Your service really does work, thank you very much for offering it to the public." ~ Barrett & Elsa Woods

"Thanks so much for your email. I just wanted to give you a quick update on me... I just got assigned my first Holiday Inn Express shop. It sounds like something I will enjoy doing. Thanks so much for making this possible!" ~ Martin Cooper

"I am a new member of the, I just completed my first shop at a Round Table Pizza. The whole family had fun and the form was easy to fill out. I'm looking forward to the next job! Thanks for all your hard work. Have a great day!" ~ Felicia Wallace

"I became a member of last week and within 3 hours of submitting my first online application, I received a phone call with my first secret shopping assignment. Thanks for all your hard work." ~ Nathen Cruz

"As a beginning member, I am pleased with how thorough you are in all your explanations. :-) I was notified this morning that I had been accepted as a "mystery shopper" at the local Subway. I completed my assignment this afternoon and just finished all the paperwork. It was so easy! I'm looking forward to the next shop! Thank you for all your help." ~ Sydney Dawson

"Get Paid To Shop Guide is a must read book for everyone thinking to start a mystery shopping career. It covers every kind of knowledge you’ll ever need, for beginners-to-advanced, effective tips and Step-By-Step directions on how to make money as a mystery shopper. At first, I didn't believe that something like this was actually possible but I decided to try it anyway in curiosity to find out what this is all about. I'm glad, I bought it. Thanks to this book and the membership. I've already earned back a lot and I'm still earning more day by day!!" ~ Marielle Holmes

"Mystery Shopping: Get Paid To Shop Guide is a straightforward, thorough, practical, user friendly guide to vocation of "mystery shopping" - getting paid to shop in order to help a company keep its quality control high and feedback accurate. From getting reimbursed for free goods, gas, car repairs, nights in hotels, clothing, gourmet meals and more to invaluable advice for founding your own mystery shopping company or employing mystery shoppers of your own, MYSTERY SHOPPING covers the basics, ins and outs, pitfalls and perks of this exciting and potentially lucrative niche." ~ Jim Cox

I have already earned back the sign-up cost and then some!

"I am a new member of the I joined on Tuesday and by Thursday, I had seven actual assignments. Today is Monday and I just got one more! With the assignments given to me I have already earned back the sign-up cost and then some! is a very user-friendly web site. Thanks Sarah for such a great work in networking and providing me with the personal attention and leads to start my secret shopping career!" ~ Jessika Graham

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