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Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQ)
"Mystery Shopping Jobs Package"

What is a mystery shopper? What do they do?
A mystery shopper (also called a 'secret shopper') is someone who is hired by the owners or management of a store, restaurant, or other business to pose as a regular customer for the purpose of learning what the average customer experience is for that establishment. The mystery shopper is given a 'scenario' or specific assignment, reports on exactly what happened when he or she visted the store, and is then paid for doing the mystery shopping assignment. In this way, owners and management of companies can learn exactly what the average customer experiences when they visit the store, and that way they can improve their customer service and increase profits overall.

Why would anyone pay me to shop at their store?
- Store owners and management need to know how to improve their businesses and better serve their customers. In order to stay competitive and improve their business model (and therefore their profits) this information is a necessity, and the only way of obtaining an unbiased view of what their customers experience when shopping at their stores is to employ mystery shoppers. The information provided by mystery shoppers is extremely valuable to these businesses, and as a result they are more than willing to pay mystery shoppers for their services - very well. In fact mystery shopping is a 1.5 Billion dollar industry and has been around for decades.

Why should I become a mystery shopper / secret shopper?
- Work as a Mystery/secret shopper is well suited to anyone who would benefit from highly flexible hours, relatively high contract wages, diversity of assignments and easy, fun work! The added bonus is the advantage of free products and services on certain assignments.

How much does a mystery shopper get paid?
- Mystery shoppers are paid as independent contractors at a specific hourly wage. Each assignment has a total time allowance. Efficient shoppers therefore benefit from a very high hourly wage, in excess of $10 to $50+ per hour. Less efficient shoppers will make less. When you take into account the free products and services that are available on many assignments, the total payable each hour can rise substantially. Examples of free products and services that some companies offer include:

  • Gasoline
  • Fast food meals
  • Sit down dining restaurant meals
  • Clothing
  • Entertainment and attractions
  • And many, many, more...

How do I get paid? How long does it take to get paid and get reimbursed for any shopping I do during the mystery shopping assignment?
- This varies by mystery shopping company. Many pay out immediately after the assignment is completed, some pay 30 days out from the assignment. Some pay by direct deposit, others by check through the mail or via paypal.

Can I do this part-time? Do I have to take every mystery shopping job I'm offered?
- You decide how much time you're willing to devote to mystery shopping. Once you've registered with the mystery shopping companies in our database, they will begin sending you notices of upcoming mystery shopping assignments in your area (usually they will send this by email). These notices will describe what the assignment is, what it entails, and how much it pays, as well as a deadline they need it done by. You are always free to turn down any mystery shopping assignment.

How long does a mystery shopping job take to do?
- This also varies depending on the assignment. If a theater needs someone to go and watch a specific movie, then of course it will take at least as long as it takes to go to the specific theater, buy the tickets, watch the show, and leave. Most mystery shopping assignments only take an hour or so, but it does vary depending on the assignment. After the assignment is completed, then you'll need to file your report answering certain specific questions before the deadline. This usually only takes 5 minutes or so, and then you're done.

What kind of work do mystery shoppers do?
- Mystery shoppers select the kind of work they would like to complete based on availability. The process begins by selecting a job, receiving a briefing on the assignment, completing the assignment audit with an on-sight or telephone visit, and finally, entering the results of that job into the on-line database, e-mail, mail or fax.

What is the application process?
- The process of applying to work as a mystery shopper is as follows:

  1. The application process varies with every company. Some offer on-line applications. Others prefer you apply or send personal information through the Postal Service, e-mail or fax. With some you can do either.
  2. Fill out the application thoroughly and neatly, as it is the primary method of decision making for shopper selection.
  3. Hiring is done on an as needed basis. However, you will have over 1,200+ companies to select from.

What is Mystery Shopping Jobs Package?
- "Mystery Shopping Jobs Package" is a straightforward, thorough, practical, user friendly guide and resources to vocation of "mystery shopping". This package is all you need to get started and learn everything you need to know about mystery shopping. It comes with 'Get Paid To Shop Guide' - 121 pages. of pure gold, no hype, no fluff mystery shopping info, access to 'Mystery Shopping Jobs Directory' with over 1,200+ mystery shopping companies ready to hire you offering 1,000’s of job opportunities - RIGHT NOW! and exclusive members only SPECIAL SUPER BONUSES absolutely FREE of charge. Click Here To See More Details...

How To Become A Mystery Shopper Today?
Please visit our "Getting Started Page" to learn '5 EASY STEPS' - To Become A Highly In-Demand Mystery Shopper TODAY!!

How quickly can I start getting mystery shopping jobs?
- We have over 1,200+ mystery shopping companies in our database. Once you've started registering with them, most likely you'll start receiving notices of upcoming mystery shopping assignments in your area right away. If you live in an area that's pretty remote or unpopulated it might take a little longer, but because there are so many mystery shopping companies listed in our database if you register with most of them it's unlikely you'll have to wait long for your first mystery shopping assignment. Of course, if you don't register with very many of the mystery shopping companies then you will recieve fewer mystery shopping jobs, so it does depend on you and how many companies you're willing to register with to a large degree.

If hired, how long will I have to complete work?
- Mystery shoppers are given the freedom to select the jobs that most interest them. Some assignments give large open deadlines, while others are much more specific. The more experienced the shopper becomes, the more selection there is. Most jobs do need to be submitted the same day on which they are physically completed.

How do I receive work?
- Work appears in your "Available Area" each month. From the jobs available, you may select the jobs that interest you. You are always told ahead of time what the assignment details are, including:

  • Approved expense amount
  • The exact location of the assignment
  • Approved hours for the assignment
  • Assignment deadline(s)
  • Details of the nature and procedure

What kinds of clients do mystery shoppers work for?
- Mystery Shoppers work with a variety of businesses including:

  • Gasoline retail
  • Retail shops
  • Fast food
  • Clothing
  • Restaurants
  • Entertainment and attractions
  • And many, many, more …

How do mystery shopping companies make money?
- Mystery shopping companies contract with large consumer oriented businesses to provide research information on the quality of service delivery. This process is billed on a "per assignment basis."

Who will supervise my work?
- The company will supervise all aspects of fieldwork. There is always someone available by e-mail or telephone if a shopper has a problem or question.

Is there work for me in my area today?
- Your work volume is solely dependent on our clients' current needs. Once again, you have over 1,200+ companies to choose from. That is a lot to work with!

If hired, how will I receive payment for the work that I do?
- All mystery shoppers are paid each month by a payroll company. Payment options include automatic bank deposit (ABD), mailed check or Paypal. Western Union is used in some remote areas. Payment is distributed once per month for payment of all fees earned, as well as reimbursement for any approved expenses incurred with most companies.

Are there any other benefits to working as a shopper?
- There are many benefits to working as a mystery shopper. Benefits include:

  • Excellent extra income potential
  • Enjoyable assignments
  • Fringe benefits of products and services
  • Comprehensive learning opportunities
  • Opportunities to advance

How do I learn about working as a mystery shopper?
- Any training that is necessary is usually provided by most companies for each and every mystery shopper as needed.

Can I refuse certain assignments?
- Yes. You choose only to accept the assignments you are interested in.

Do I need previous experience?
- You do not need experience to work in this program.

If I live outside of the United States, Am I still eligible to become a mystery shopper?
- Yes, you may participate in our program from anywhere in the world. We have many individuals outside of the US and Canada that are participating in our program and are doing GREAT with it, and so can you!

Why Is There A Fee?
- We charge a small one time fee for the service we provide because we do not get compensated by any companies for this service. To keep the company list fresh, and provide our support and knowledge we need to invest our time and money in a research by finding and verifying all the companies regularly. We are charged a fee for website hosting, marketing, web development and maintenance. Therefore we cannot deduct members fee associated with providing this wonderful service to people around the world.

What Are Your Payment Options?
- Currently we accept the following payment options: Credit Card / Paypal / Phone or Fax Order / Wire Transfer, Mail / Check / Money Order and Local Bank Transfer. Simply choose your preferred payment option at Join Now Page....

For e-gold payment please contact us here...

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