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Professional Mystery Shopper - (Over 10' Years)
Linda Bruce - Mystery Shopping Jobs Consultant
Professional Mystery Shopper - (Over 10' Years)

Do you love to shop, eat out and have fun with your family... But don't like to spend money? Then...

"...DISCOVER!! How You Too Can GET PAID To Shop, Eat Out, Go To The Movies, And Do All Sort Of Other FUN Things As a Mystery Shopper."

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 As Seen On...

Dear Future Mystery Shopper,

Yes, it's true. You can actually get paid to do the things that you love to do already. You can...

Get Paid To Shop At Your Favourite Stores
- (Keep All Your Purchases FREE!!)

Get Paid To Eat At Your Favourite Restaurants - (Get Your Meals FREE!!)

Get Paid To Go To The Movies

Get Paid To Visit Amusement Parks

And Much Much More...


Without Having To Pay!

"Jane" wanted a job that would allow her to earn extra income without having to put her children in daycare. That, however, was before she turned into a "Mystery Shopper." ~ Oprah Winfrey Show

It's seems unbelievable, but mystery shoppers are required all over the world, by thousands of companies large and small, who would LOVE to pay you to shop at their stores, eat at their restaurants, go to their parlors, salons, amusement parks, and do all sorts of other FUN activities.

OR, just stay home & buy goods on the Internet, items you might buy anyway and which you get to keep totally FREE of CHARGE!

You Can Earn Handsome Payments - Plus Bonus Items!

Get Paid To Do Things You Love - The possibilities Are Endless!

  • Retail - Shop at the stores you know and love, Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy,
    Diesel, Macy's, Walmart, Kmart, Home Depot and more!
  • Restaurants - Eat FREE at Olive Garden, Chilis, Fridays, Cheesecake Factory and many others!
  • Movies - Watch all the latest movies FREE and get popcorn too!
  • Shop Online - Shop online, give your opinion of web sites, and get paid!
  • Golf Courses - Play the best courses for FREE!
  • Amusement Parks - Disney, Six Flags and many more...

Shop for Groceries, Buy Clothes, Spend a Weekend at a Hotel or Resort, Gas up your Car & Get an Oil Change, Rent a Movie or Video Game, Buy Health & Beauty Supplies, Buy CDs, DVDs and Books, Spend the Day at a Health Club or Spa, enjoy all-expenses paid holidays and cruises... and more. LOTS more!

Just about every kind of shop, service or store uses mystery shoppers.

Here's An Example Of What It's Like To
Be A Mystery Shopper

Wall Street Journal, Online Edition June 9, 2004:

"Cheers," she said, hoisting a frosty Corona with lime. Tanned and relaxed after playing a few holes, she finished up the beer and ate a cheeseburger. The golf and burgers were all part of the job, as were the strict instructions from her boss to 'consume at least one alcoholic beverage." That was her afternoon. Her morning was spent dress shopping, cashing a check at a bank, and looking at new cars. In the evening she ate dinner with a friend at a, "nice Italian restaurant." Everything she did was a paid job. She made about $300 that day. "Can you believe they call this work?" she asked. And what does this shopper make on a monthly basis? According to The Wall Street Journal, "she made nearly $7,000" the month before the article was written, i.e. in May, 2004.

Some Reasons Why Mystery Shopper Jobs Is Great.

Work anytime you want. You can work weekdays or weekends, or both. And you can set your own hours.

You can bring your kids or family (perfect for stay at home moms and dads). Just make sure they behave.

You can work as much or little as you want. Just choose the jobs you feel like doing when you feel like doing them. No pressure.

Work while you are on vacation. There are tons of companies throughout US, Canada and International. So you can work locally or nationwide.

It's fun.


Not just for women! Men can be shoppers too!

Find out how you too can join the legions of mystery shoppers earning $7,000+ a month.

Inside You'll Learn:

  • How to get paid for shopping and eating at great restaurants, travelling, having your hair done and more? Get Paid To Do Things You Love - The Possibilities Are Endless!
  • How almost anyone can fit mystery shopping into his or her time schedules? (Work full time or part time.)
  • What kinds of people the shopping companies seek to employ and why would companies want to pay someone to shop, eat, go to the movies and do all sort of other FUN things as a Mystery Shopper?
  • The Step-By-Step process of getting mystery shopping assignments from the best paying companies. Guaranteed!!
  • How to earn more money than the average mystery shopper?
  • How much mystery shopping assignments pay?
  • How to ACCESS Over 1,200+ mystery shopping companies ready to hire you instantly?
  • Why mystery shopping jobs are not a SCAM??? - I will show you the PROOF that mystery shopping works and why you need to avoid other sites?
  • And Much Much More...
    (Just about everything you need to know to become a mystery shopper.)

You're About to Discover the Step-By-Step Secrets of Mystery Shopping and How YOU Too Can Get Paid to Shop, Eat in Restaurants, Go to the Movies and Much More!

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Professional Mystery Shopper - (Over 10' Years)
Linda Bruce - Mystery Shopping Jobs Consultant
Professional Mystery Shopper - (Over 10' Years)

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Get Paid To Shop & Eat - Mystery Shopper Jobs!! Mystery Shoping Jobs (Earn $10-$50 Pr/Hr) - Over 1,200+ Secret Shopper Jobs!! Apply Now...